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What we're like

At DealerFox, we're more than just great software, a unique approach, and a cool office. We're about achieving results while having fun along the way. We believe in solving problems together and building on each other's ideas. Our team is comprised of smart, curious individuals whom we encourage to think like an owner, take initiative and drive solutions that make a difference.

DealerFox’s Vision

To be an empowering resource for automotive dealers striving to realize the best performance they’re capable of.

DealerFox’s Purpose

To provide resources that help automotive dealers leverage their data into better business decisions. 

DealerFox’s Core Values

  1. We challenge the status quo to grow.

  2. We disrupt to achieve greater results.

  3. We facilitate proficiency and self-empowerment.

  4. We deliver support and education that makes a difference.

Abstract Structure

“We use what we know to help figure out what we don’t”.

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