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We innovate. We educate. We support.

We believe we’re in the relationship business. We have personal relationships with our clients. Our clients have a relationship with their business, and their business has a relationship with its data.

When combined with our education and support services, our software is a tool that helps you visualize and better understand your dealership's performance data.

DealerFox’s Vision

To be an empowering resource for automotive dealers striving to realize the best performance they’re capable of.

DealerFox’s Purpose

To provide resources that help automotive dealers take control of their data and data analytics processes and make more confident, higher probability

DealerFox’s Core Values

✔ We do what we say, or we make it right.

✔ We challenge the status quo to grow.

✔ We disrupt to achieve results.

✔ We facilitate self-empowerment.

✔ We deliver support and education that makes a difference.

Abstract Structure

“We use what we know to help figure out what we don’t”.