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Team Meeting

One vision. One effort.

Dealer Fox revolves around exceptional technology and cutting-edge research. We believe in bringing the most intelligent, driven, and curious minds from the industry to collaborate and help solve our clients' most significant challenges.

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Dan Trinidad

Founder, CEO

Born in Chicago and raised in the automotive industry by his father, Henry, who served more than 50 years working as an F&I Director, Dan worked as a porter, salesman, and backup F&I in his younger days before making his transition into the digital space.


Dan founded Dealer Fox in 2016 and is the architect behind Benchmark, a dealer-based software that combines dealer performance data with marketing data and will launch in Q3 of 2021.

Dan brings leadership, entrepreneurship, and vision to Dealer Fox by providing in-depth knowledge, new business ideas, and a clear direction for the firm.

He has spent more than two decades as an entrepreneur developing software solutions for the music, social, and automotive industries, and applying modern strategies as a member of one of the country’s top tech incubators. He also possesses a keen business sense and has developed dynamic quantitative expertise throughout his career.

Dan founded Dealer Fox to serve as a bridge that delivers modern quantitative and qualitative resources to the automotive industry—empowering dealer principles and management to take control of their data and data analytics.

Hank Trinidad

Managing Partner

Hank has spent more than two decades as an Executive Director for a national fitness franchise, successfully leading teams consisting of middle and upper-level management and top producers from across the country.

Hank partnered with his brother Dan in the early 2000s and developed software solutions for the music, social, and now the automotive industry.

In 2019, Hank made Dealer Fox his full-time priority and already put his stamp on software and solutions tailored around sales performance and sales management for our dealer partners.


Hank's role at Dealer Fox is centered around client acquisition and implementing a lifetime of leadership acumen to create the management model reflective of the DealerFox vision, purpose, and values.

He prides himself on forming a cohesive team of individual thinkers who can consistently rise to meet new challenges.

Hank continues to lead every day, leveraging the ever-evolving environment that has become the culture at DealerFox.


Hank employs his unique understanding of people and processes in collaborating on the strategic vision of our firm. As a result, Hank has cemented relationships with hundreds if not thousands of people who most close to him consider his brightest quality of all.

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Angela Lopez

Managing Partner

When it comes to application and process, Angela is no stranger to the automotive industry and the challenges it faces on a day-to-day basis.

Angela began her automotive career in 2012 with a focus on service and customer retention. She moved into the BDC department in 2014 and, just a few years later, became the Internet director for a large Chicagoland auto group managing seven brands and four rooftops. Angela worked directly with OEMs and created systems for service and sales that boosted traffic and sales to all stores.

In 2017, Angela joined the Dealer Fox team full-time. She helped developed Funnel Vision, an algorithm within the benchmark software that identifies key performance metrics within the processes and personnel portions of the sales funnel.

Angela consistently works to improve her business acumen. She has participated in accelerator programs such as the 1871/IHCC LATINX Program, which led to her acceptance into the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business Program, which focused on scaling our Dealer Fox business model. 


Angela's unique understanding of processes and personnel within Dealer Fox and the dealer partners we serve plays a pivotal role for our firm. 

Abstract Structure

“Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt to offer a solution everybody can understand”.
- General Colin Powell

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